ACE Track Tensioners

Our track tensioners include a caterpillar track system for hauling or veering cable, umbilical, steel pipe or similar round tubular products.

The units have been designed for horizontal and vertical deployment. Enclosed within a lift frame the tensioners operate by gripping the product between two or four track carriages, where the track links are fitted with “V” shaped pads.

Each track is driven by hydraulic motor/gearbox drive assemblies to haul or veer the product. The carriages are mounted on a sub frame which is attached to the base frame with low shear mounts and load cell pins to monitor the product tension. The tensioner can operate in 3 modes, manual pay in/out mode, constant tension mode and render mode.

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ACE 50 Tonne WLL Hydraulic 4 Track Tensioner

ACE 50 Tonne WLL Hydraulic 4 Track Tensioner

Model Type: 2845

  • Overall Dimensions 7409mm long x 3809mm wide x 4817mm high
  • Maximum Product Diameter 500mm
  • Maximum Squeeze 340kN/m/track
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