ACE Winch Academy

ACE Winch Academy provides training for all aspects of winch and spooling operations as well as a variety of associated training programmes and competence management systems, for both our clients and our employees.

Training frameworks are available with specific focus on developing competency to ensure safe-deployment, management and operation of winches and deck machinery. Our Winch Academy offers a series of core courses and bespoke programmes to meet our clients’ needs, all of which can be delivered at the ACE Winch Academy or at the clients’ operational site.

We can provide support for the following courses:

  • ACE Winch Familiarisation
  • ACE Winch Awareness
  • ACE Winch Operator
  • ACE Winch Operator Advanced
  • ACE Linear Winch Operator
  • ACE Spooling Operator
  • ACE Reel Drive System Operator
  • ACE Standard Hydraulic Component Familiarisation
  • ACE Overhead Gantry Crane
  • ACE Lift Planning & Load Hazard Awareness
  • ACE Working at Height
  • ACE Manual Handling
  • ACE Abrasive Wheels Awareness
  • ACE Lifting Equipment Inspection
  • ACE Wire Rope Socketing
  • ACE Wire Rope Examiner/Inspection

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