ACE Control & Read Out Systems

ACE Winches manufactures a wide variety of standard and bespoke winch control systems from basic manual mechanical control to fully automated Active Heave Compensation (AHC) systems.

Low powered hydraulic winches will normally be driven by an open loop hydraulic system and controlled via a directional control valve mounted on the winch. These valves feature a manual control lever as standard but can also be controlled remotely via a system, which can be tailored to suit the application.

Electric winches and higher powered closed loop hydraulic winches are normally supplied with, and controlled from, a power unit which can be designed and built to suit the application. The control system in these winches regulate the direction and speed of the winch by controlling the flow and direction of the power out from the power unit.


  • Local Manual control (Open loop systems)
  • Manual control of speed and direction via handheld joystick panel connected to power unit (Closed loop or electric drive systems)


  • Constant Tension
  • Remote control via hydraulic pilot system (open loop systems)
  • Remote manual control via electronic joystick (open loop systems)
  • Multi winch control systems
  • Mooring spread control systems
  • Active Heave Compensation control systems
  • Load monitoring
  • Data Logging
  • Choice of system monitoring options (Lamps, Gauges, HMI etc)
  • Stand alone control console pedestal
  • Operator control cabin
  • Remote control and monitoring stations
  • CCTV monitoring of remote equipment
ACE Zone 2 Control Station

ACE Zone 2 Control Station

Model Type: 2677CS

  • Overall Dimensions 268mm long x 470mm wide x 1167mm high

ACE Zone 2 Control Stand

ACE Zone 2 Control Stand

Model Type: 2032 CS

  • Overall Dimensions 600mm long x 600mm wide x 1070mm high

ACE Control Skid Unit

ACE Control Skid Unit

Model Type: 1162

  • Overall Dimensions 1350mm long x 1250mm wide x 1215mm high

ACE Control Skid Unit

Model Type: 1813

  • Overall Dimensions 875mm long x 712mm wide x 1190mm high

ACE Control Skid Unit

Model Type: 2002

  • Overall Dimensions 1300mm long x 800mm wide x 1180mm high

ACE Control Cabin

ACE Control Cabin

Model Type: 3244

  • Overall Dimensions 1858mm long x 1366mm wide x 2750mm high