ACE Rope Traction Winches

We manufacture a range of standard and bespoke traction winches, available in various configurations to suit different types of wire, fibre rope or umbilical product. 

Our traction winches are available with hydraulic, electric or pneumatic drive systems and are normally used in tandem with an ACE powered storage reel or spooling winch in applications requiring relatively high line pulls over long product lengths, or where stored product cannot support high line pulls on subsequent layers, such as fibre rope winch systems.

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Types available:

  • Single drum traction spooling winches
  • Double drum traction winches

Typical rope traction winch applications include: 

  • Mooring systems
  • Abandonment and recovery
  • Pull ahead systems
  • Fibre rope winching applications
  • Pipelay and trenching operations
  • Offshore and subsea construction support
  • Salvage and decommissioning
  • Heavy lift crane winches
ACE 80 Tonne SWL Rope Traction Winch (Hydraulic Drive)

ACE 80 Tonne SWL Rope Traction Winch (Hydraulic Drive)

Model Type: 1477

  • Overall Dimensions 6995mm long x 3615mm wide x 3385mm high