ACE Winches specialist teams can work with you to provide safe and efficient spooling services wherever you need them – offshore on your vessel or platform – onshore at your location - at our base in Karmsund, Norway or our Global Headquarters in North East Scotland.

Our capabilities in spooling products and services are fourfold.  At ACE Winches, we specialise in:

  • Design and manufacture of bespoke spooling winch packages, tailored to client requirements
  • Hire of an extensive range of spooling winches, supplied at short notice
  • Hire of personnel, providing clients with skilled technicians and engineers to operate and maintain spooling equipment in any location
  • Comprehensive spooling services at our dedicated Wire Rope and Umbilical Spooling Facilities, catering for all types of wire rope, non-wire rope and umbilical spooling operations

ACE Winches can design and manufacture hydraulic and pneumatic spooling winches to specific requirements. Whether manufactured or hired, a range of ACE spooling winches are available, with maximum storage capacities ranging from 5 to 25 tonnes capacity for pneumatic units and 25 to 400 tonnes capacity for hydraulic units, with Traction Capstan Spooling Systems available to provide up to 90 tonnes of back tension directly from manufacturers’ reels.


ACE Winches can provide spooling winches with either fixed end or adjustable pedestals and with varying shaft sizes to suit different storage reel dimensions. Providing clients with a choice of power options. Spooling winches with self-contained hydraulic power units, available in both diesel and electric configurations, allow a winch to operate independently in any location. Stand-alone units may be a lighter, more cost-effective solution if the winch is to be used in a location with a readily available hydraulic or pneumatic power supply system. Hydraulic spooling winches can be supplied in direct drive or single spur gear configurations or with a sealed gear drive unit.


Our Wire Rope and Umbilical Spooling Facilities complemented by our pool of experienced personnel ensure that spooling operations are carried out correctly in a controlled environment, in compliance with all relevant safety standards.

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