ACE Winches recognise the impact its actions have on the surrounding environment, international markets, local economy, community and society.  As a result, a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy was compiled to demonstrate ACE’s commitment to the on-going welfare of the company’s stakeholders.


Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a key priority for ACE Winches.  Commitment to a safe working environment is fundamental and fully embraced by ACE Winches as a company and by employees individually.



ACE Winches is compliant with environmental regulations and recognised industry standards and continually seeks to adopt solutions to protect the natural environment.  The company promotes environmental practices to assist in the long term sustainability of the local economy and community.



Community Initiatives

ACE Winches is a major employer in North Aberdeenshire.  The company recognises local initiatives within the community and takes an active involvement on a company-wide and individual employee basis.



Employee Wellbeing

Employees represent an integral part of the success of ACE Winches.  In order to embrace the full potential of its staff, the company’s focus is to enhance the wellbeing of all employees. ACE Winches is committed to achieving a first-class, skilled workforce by investing in individual training plans, career development and embracing a Healthy Working Lives ethos, to create a healthier workforce.