ACE Rollers, Sheaves and Fairleads

We manufacture a range of standard and bespoke rollers, sheaves and fairleads which can be designed, rated and orientated to guide the wire as required by the application.

Types available:

  • Fixed change of direction sheaves
  • Swivelling change of direction sheaves
  • Fixed over boarding sheaves
  • Swivel head fairleads
  • Roller box fairleads
  • Other miscellaneous bespoke rollers or sheaves as required to suit the application

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ACE 75 Tonne SWL 3 Roller Box Fairlead

ACE 75 Tonne SWL 3 Roller Box Fairlead

Model Type: 2088

  • Overall Dimensions: 1570mm x 570mm wide x 1000mm high
  • To suit various wire rope sizes (225mm between rollers) 
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