ACE Linear Winches

ACE linear winches are suitable for a wide variety of applications requiring high line pulls. They can be used for various recovery and deployment operations, landfall, pipe-pulls, construction, salvage and pull ahead duties.

ACE Linear winches offer a higher line pull-to-weight ratio than any other style of winch. The linear winch is available in two versions, the more compact intermittent version, or the continuous pull version which provides a smooth continuous operation. Both versions are available with line pull capability up to 500 tonnes for high capacity at low line speeds.

System advantages

  • Maintain constant wire rope pulling force over full length of pull
  • Length of pull limited only by the length of wire rope available
  • Grippers lock on the wire rope automatically if power fails
  • Straight line pulling action extends wire rope life
  • Accommodates large diameter wire rope sizes
  • Socket passing capability available

ACE 30 Tonne SWL Linear Winch

Model Type: 2387

  • Overall Dimensions 4980mm long x 1320mm wide x 405mm high  
  • Maximum Wire Rope Diameter 36mm

ACE 150 Tonne SWL Linear Wire Winch

Model Type: 2938

  • Overall Dimensions: 7711mm long x 1560mm wide x 857mm high
  • Maximum wire rope size: 76 mm
360° View

ACE 200 Tonne SWL Linear Chain Winch

Model Type: 2843

  • Overall Dimensions 8685mm long x 2190mm wide x 1210mm high  
  • Maximum Chain Diameter 84mm

ACE 500 Tonne SWL Linear wire winch

Model Type: 3360

  • Overall Dimensions 8000mm long x 2999mm wide x 1450mm high  
  • Maximum Wire Rope Diameter 120mm

ACE 800 TONNE SWL Linear Wire Winch

Model Type: 3568

  • Overall Dimensions 17442mm long x 3517mm wide x 2113mm high
  • Maximum wire rope size 127mm