ACE Winches Norge AS

Our sister company, ACE Winches Norge AS, offer bespoke winching solutions, hire equipment, personnel, refurbishment services and training across the Scandinavian markets.

Our versatile range of products and services available at our Norway base, together with the in-house engineering, design and manufacture capabilities at the headquarters in Scotland, ensures that workable solutions are tailored to meet project requirements.

We have a dedicated Project Management team in Stavanger to spearhead an extensive range of specialist projects to meet client requests for a wide range of applications. Projects such as topside and jacket load-outs, float-over wind turbine installations, and riser installations have enabled ACE Winches Norge AS to grow into a leading partner in the Scandinanvian markets.

The hire fleet services based in Norway include hire of lifting, pulling and deploying equipment from one of the world’s largest hire fleets with over 2500 assets for use in both onshore and offshore projects.