ACE Winches Norge AS

ACE Winches Norge AS offer bespoke winching solutions, hire fleet equipment, personnel, refurbishment services and training across the Scandinavian markets. Specialising in hire assets designed for the installation and recovery of subsea umbilical’s, risers and flowline products.

The quayside base and office facilities at Karmsund, Haugesund located in the straits of Karmsundet, includes 750m of deep water quayside facilities. This enabling ACE Norge to mobilise, de-mobilise, perform bollard pull tests and conduct spooling operations for client vessels berthed alongside, this is also the main base in Norway for Reel Drive Systems, Tensioners and Linear Winch applications.  

The hire fleet services, based at Karmsund, include hire of deck machinery from one of the world's largest hire fleets with over 1500 assets for use in both onshore and offshore projects.

ACE Winches Norge is a specialist in the spooling of wire rope, umbilical and fibre rope with capacities up to 320 tonnes weigh and up to 60 tonne back tension. Our range goes from 25 tonnes up to 400 tonnes reel capacity and we also have a traction spooling system which can allow us to deliver up to 90 tonnes of back tension direct from the manufacturers reel.  We offer the full range of ACE products and services including manufactured bespoke winch packages and deck machinery applications. 

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