ACE Overboarding Framework

The ACE Overboarding Framework is designed for use in lifting operations to alter the direction of the wire rope during overboarding operations.

The Overboarding Framework consists of a framework housing a ACE 150te SWL Horizontal Sheave and a 150te SWL Swivel Head Fairlead. The framework has locking pins located in the base arrangement for both the vertical position (storage) and horizontal position (deployment). Access is provided to the tower through ladders and walkways, to allow routine maintenance of the equipment and disconnecting of the wire rope lock pin prior to deployment.

ACE 150 Overboarding Framework

ACE 150 Overboarding Framework

Model Type: 3289

  • Framework Overall Dimensions 7083mm long x 4968mm wide x 3234mm high
  • Main Framework Max. Gross Weight 56,000 kg