Board of Management

The Board of Management (BOM) at ACE Winches consists of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Compliance Officer (CCO), and Chief Operations Officer (COO).  This strong team head up the company, overseeing all aspects of the business whilst also developing the strategic future of the company.

The BOM are supported by a management team to assist them in their duties, ensuring the BOM can focus on developing and securing a strong future for the company.

Chief Executive Officer


Alfie is CEO and founder of ACE Winches.  Graduating with a Marine Engineering Apprenticeship, Alfie worked as a Downhole Valve Specialist in the oil industry.  In tandem he opened a marine and hydraulic engineering workshop manufacturing deck equipment, to service…

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Chief Compliance Officer


Valerie is the Chief Compliance Officer and joint owner of ACE Winches.  From the outset Valerie has been heavily involved in the day to day running and building of the business, ACE Winches.  Formerly the company’s Chief Financial Officer and a qualified Business…

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Chief Financial Officer


Kevin is CFO of ACE Winches and plays a key role in organisational decision-making, whilst holding the overall responsibility of seamlessly running all budgetary and financial activities.

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Chief Operating Officer


Richard Wilson has more than 27 years’ international experience in senior positions in oil and gas, with a proven track record in change management within international and UK businesses to improve performance, along with the establishment of new operations in global…

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